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4 B2B Fintech Content Examples to Learn From


  • Podcasts can generate four times better brand recall than popular forms of digital advertising. An entertaining podcast can engage your community — especially when you invite interesting expert guests onto your show.
  • Dedicate website space for case studies and add strong customer quotes at conversion hotspots, because almost half of B2B buyers check reviews before a purchase. 
  • Host webinars to engage potential clients and partners on the issues they care about. Use these conversations to dig even deeper into what your audience cares about. 

B2B fintech can feel like a maze of technical terms and confusing processes. It’s difficult enough understanding finance systems, and even more so when you add jargon about technology. 

This is why fintech companies need to make it easier for people to understand the problems they solve. Here’s how four B2B fintech companies are producing content to do this.

1. credolab (whitepapers and infographics)

Credit scoring data provider credolab produces well-researched whitepapers and thought leadership articles. They often publish infographics, which simplify complex ideas and data.

Credolab focuses its content marketing on creditworthiness, financial inclusion, and how alternative data can help borrowers and lenders with credit scoring. By doing so, they give their audience a jargon-free understanding of the credit landscape and how they are not able only to solve customers’ problems — but identify opportunities on their behalf.

The lesson for similar B2B fintech companies

Data show 89% of people say thought leadership enhanced their perceptions of a company, while 49% say it influenced purchasing decisions. Provide the advice and direction potential buyers are looking for.

2. CurrencyCloud (podcast)

CurrencyCloud, a UK-based global payments platform, offers podcasts and ebooks along with other educational resources. Their Payments Innovation Podcast covers international receivables and payments, financial innovation, and ecommerce. 

CurrencyCloud ensures each episode is useful, by inviting globally-minded business and tech experts onto the show. It’s a place where business leaders can learn about the global digital economy, APIs, and payments technology.

The lesson for similar B2B fintech companies

Build your podcast around great guests. Podcasts can help generate four times better brand recall than other popular forms of digital advertising such as scroll, static, and pop-up ads.

3. Finicity (case studies)

Financial data aggregator Finicity has a dedicated page on its website full of customer stories. These case studies cover how technology and digitization can enable mortgage lending and accounting. The fintech case study writers have highlighted how Finicity has helped customers streamline their operations, manage costs and improve revenue.

They do this by following a proven case framework that covers four important themes:

  • The customer’s problem
  • The service provider’s solution
  • The implementation of the solution
  • The positive business outcomes.

Case studies are so effective: because they prove you’re a reliable business that gets results. 

The lesson for similar B2B fintech companies

Dedicate space for your case studies and add compelling case study quotes near conversion hotspots on your website. Still need convincing? It’s estimated 45% of B2B customers check user reviews before making a purchase.

4. Finastra (webinars)

Early in 2021, Finastra has already hosted numerous webinars for global financial institutions, community banks, and credit unions. Some of their recent webinars tackled compliance and fraud prevention, digital onboarding, identity verification, and improved lending experiences.

The lesson for similar B2B fintech companies

Host webinars to engage customers, prospects and partners on the issues they care about.  Webinars are an avenue for fintech companies to explain company data the audience may find useful, and get instant feedback and ideas from key audiences.

The content mix

There’s no killer format, when it comes to content marketing. But B2B fintechs can draw on examples like those above to understand what is working and why it pays to diversify your content marketing program across different channels. 

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