5 B2B Fintech Content Marketing Best Practises

How Fintech Content Teams Can Build High-Quality Publishing Programs [Infographic]


B2B fintech marketing teams are tasked with producing high volumes of content.

It’s tempting to churn it out. But then you risk losing fintech content quality. 

LinkedIn and Edelman’s B2B Thought Leadership Study shows 56 per cent of audiences drop out when content bores them within the first minute.

If you’ve put weeks of fintech content marketing planning into a project only to see it fall flat, this might be the problem.

But the fact remains. Buyers want interesting and useful information to help them assess fintech solutions.

They want to know: What’s in it for us?

Our new infographic tackles this challenge, with advice for marketers that need to deliver high-quality B2B fintech content.

Build a Culture of High-Quality Fintech Content.

Quick Fintech Content Marketing Ideas

Assess Fintech Copywriting Capacity

Base content plans and production on in-house resources. Use fintech content marketing writers to scale.

Prioritize Fintech Content Distribution

Be where your audience is. Build an email list. Be seen in social feeds. And be heard in fintech media.

Start Repurposing Content for Impact

Audience preferences differ. Optimize existing content across formats and channels.