17 Useful Blogs and Newsletters for Fintech Marketing Teams

Fintech marketing teams have a lot on their plates.

You all need to know how to get marketing results for a high-growth organization. You need to stay across channels like pay-per-click, social, SEO, and display advertising. And you have to be comfortable leading content projects with different goals, like brand awareness, lead generation, and thought leadership.  

Amid all of this, fintech marketing managers and their teams need to keep across a fast-moving industry too. Fintech blogs and newsletters can be a useful way to do this.

Blogs About Fintech Marketing and Content

That’s why Genuine wanted to share these helpful fintech blogs with you. Here they are, in no particular order.

The Financial Brand

The US-based Financial Brand covers strategic marketing issues in retail banking. This is a good site to browse for ideas for potential topic angles, especially if your fintech company is developing a content strategy for banking executives and fintech founders. The Financial Brand also publishes newsletters, webinars, a magazine, and podcasts.

Growth Gorilla

UK-based Growth Gorilla runs a fintech marketing blog that covers everything you could possibly need to know when launching or growing your fintech. All of their content —  from their guides to their blogs — is written by fintech specialists for fintechs.

The Fintech Marketing Hub 

The Fintech Marketing Hub is a community platform with forums for fintech marketing resources and strategies, events, fintech growth hacks, and expert advice. Fintech marketing managers can access these resources when they become a member. 

The hub also has a big library of podcast episodes hosted by fintech content marketing expert Araminta Robertson. The hub’s magazine covers various fintech marketing strategies such as rewards, community marketing, and market research. The hub has an excellent Slack group full of fintech marketers too.

Mint Copywriting Studios

Araminta Robertson is also the managing director of Mint Copywriting Studios. The UK-based fintech content marketing agency offers practical tips about AI copywriting, bottom of the funnel content, and financial services content strategy. The blog is a must-read for marketing teams.

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Content Rewired

Content Rewired publishes a blog that focuses on content marketing and content strategy for fintech companies. The blog covers helpful tips on implementing a fintech SEO strategy, applying Agile principles to fintech content marketing, and fintech demand generation. Check it out for tips about helping content rank and growing brands with thought leadership.

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British fintech marketing managers should check out 11:FS too. The consultancy provides advisory services, consumer and market research, industry benchmarking, and a well-respected content hub. 

The consultancy’s content covers a wide array of topics, such as onboarding, SMB financial services, and content marketing. Their content hub is divided into categories called learn, plan, and act — a clever way of separating content for different stages of the customer journey.


PYMNTS publishes detailed research reports on neobanks, challenger banks, insurtech, and growing trends like buy now pay later (BNPL) and earned wage access (EWA) . It’s a good site for finding subject matter experts and it can be also helpful for finding supporting research sources to use in content briefs for writers.

American Banker 

You need a paid subscription to read American Banker. The publication has a separate category featuring finance executives and their insights. This can be helpful in understanding how fintech brands might create journalistic content, built on interviews with industry experts and analysts. 

Payments Source

Payments Source is a partner site of American Banker and it publishes editorial features, news, resources, and data on topics such as cross-border payments, digital currencies, and accounting technology.  It recently published a special section about influential women in payments (gated).


Finextra publishes thought leadership written by fintech executives and analysts. Finextra also runs events and it publishes research studies that provide in-depth information about financial services.

Top Fintech Newsletters

Fintech newsletters are another way to keep up to speed with an ever-changing industry. Here are some of the top ones around today. 

Marcel Van Ooost’s newsletter 

Launched by former startup founder and angel investor Marcel van Oost, Connecting the dots in Fintech informs investors, entrepreneurs, journalists, consultants, and regulators in fintech and digital banking. In fact, van Oost publishes several newsletters, covering different regions.  

His Fintech Daily newsletter  is split into sections focusing on daily news, insights, fintech innovation, banking innovation, and blockchain — allowing readers to see the bigger picture in just a few minutes. 

Fintech Brain Food

Fintech Brain Food is run by self-described ‘lifelong fintech nerd’ Simon Taylor. The weekly newsletter delves into areas such as payments, decentralized finance, and neobanks. Taylor’s newsletter stands out for the in-depth analysis, strong writing, and through-provoking ideas. Each edition includes an overview of four high-potential fintech companies to watch for. Taylor’s bite-sized summaries can be helpful when trying to develop content ideas. 

This Week in Fintech

This digest breaks down must-know fintech news from all around the world: mergers and acquisitions, the latest industry statistics, funding rounds, thought leadership pieces, and more. Readers can subscribe to its weekly newsletter to stay on top of the news and gain access to exclusive members-only articles. 

This Week in Fintech also runs the ‘Hey Fintech Friends!’ podcast. The monthly podcast reviews fintech news, a ‘fintechtionary’ segment (defining key fintech terms), and conversations with special guests. 

Fintech Business Weekly

Fintech Business Weekly typically releases content focusing on business model analysis, regulatory developments, and emerging challenger banks. Like other blogs, Fintech Business Weekly offers podcasts. Its monthly ‘Fintech Business Podcast’ showcases interviews with leaders in fintech, banking, and crypto, while ‘Fintech Recap’ summarizes the latest industry news. 

CB Insights

The CB Insights blog offers insights and analysis on emerging technologies not only in fintech, but also in other industries such as retail technology and blockchain services. The technology market intelligence platform uses data about venture capital, startups, patents, partnerships, and news mentions to inform readers and potential investors. 

Net Interest 

Net Interest is a weekly newsletter run by hedge fund veteran Marc Rubinstein. Rubinstein uses his years of experience to give comprehensive insights and analysis. For example, a recent edition contained an analysis of Stripe’s business model, with Rubinstein detailing his experiences with the platform and its financial standing. 


Fintech journalist and podcast host Nicole Casperson’s twice-weekly newsletter is another source of expert analysis and commentary. WTFintech also profiles successful entrepreneurs. Recent editions told the stories of angel investors like Arati Sharma and Girls Who Code founder Reshma Saujani. WTFintech also publishes a podcast every Wednesday afternoon.

Did We Miss a Useful Fintech Blog or Newsletter?

We hope you find the blogs and newsletters useful to your work. Drop us a line if you’d like to suggest a blog or newsletter to add to this list too.

<span style="color:#000; font-size:16px;">Written by</span><br> Luke O'Neill
Written by
Luke O'Neill

Luke O’Neill is Genuine's founder. He is a writer and content strategist, who spends his days advising B2B fintech and financial services businesses. Luke's writing has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and The Irish Times.


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