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10 Good Blogs For Fintech Marketing Teams

Fintech marketing managers have a lot on their plate. 

You need to know how to get marketing results for a high-growth organisation.

You need to stay across channels like pay-per-click, social, SEO, and display advertising. 

And you have to be comfortable leading content projects with different goals, like brand awareness, lead generation, and thought leadership.   

Amid all of this, fintech marketing managers need to keep across a fast-moving industry too. Fintech blogs can be a useful way to do this.  

Blogs About Fintech Marketing and Content

That’s why Genuine wanted to share these helpful fintech blogs with you. Here they are, in no particular order. 

The Financial Brand

The Financial Brand covers fintech, digital marketing, data analytics, and many other tech-leaning aspects of financial services. This is a good site to read for some ideas for potential topic angles, especially if your fintech company is developing a content strategy for banking executives and fintech founders. The Financial Brand also publishes newsletters, a magazine, and podcasts.

Growth Gorilla

Growth Gorilla runs a fintech marketing blog that covers everything you could possibly need to know when launching or growing your fintech. All of their content —  from their guides to their blogs — is written by fintech specialists for fintechs.

The Fintech Marketing Hub 

The Fintech Marketing Hub  is a community platform that has forums for fintech marketing resources and strategies, events, fintech growth hacks, and expert advice. Fintech marketing managers can access these resources when they become a member. 

The hub also has a podcast hosted by fintech consultant, writer, and strategist Araminta Robertson. The hub’s magazine covers various fintech marketing strategies such as rewards, community marketing, and market research. 

Mint Copywriting Studios

Araminta Robertson also runs Mint Copywriting Studios. The studio offers practical tips for fintech companies to use financial services copywriting to market their business. With articles covering everything from fractional CMOs, through to content marketing ROI and blog conversions, this site is a must-read for marketing managers interested in copy and content.

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Content Rewired

Like Mint Copywriting Studios and Genuine, Content Rewired publishes a blog that focuses on content marketing and creation for fintech companies. Visit the site to check out recent articles about building a fintech SEO strategy, applying Agile principles to fintech content marketing practices, and fintech demand generation. 

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PYMNTS covers news and industry areas like business and consumer payments, international business transfers, and technology for ecommerce merchants.  PYMNTS also publishes detailed research reports on neobanks, challenger banks, insurtech, and growing trends like buy now pay later (BNPL) and earned wage access (EWA) . It’s a good site for finding subject matter experts about these topics and it can be also helpful for finding supporting research sources to use in your marketing briefs for writers.

American Banker 

American Banker covers topics such as consumer lending, debt collection, community banking, mergers and acquisitions, credit unions, and fintech. You’ll need to sign up for a paid subscription if you want to read its content. American Banker has a separate, exclusive category featuring finance leaders and their insights about the growing industry, which are helpful content for other executives looking for more in-depth analysis about finance.

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Payments Source

Payments Source is a partner site of American Banker and it publishes editorial features, news, resources, and data on topics such as cross-border payments, digital currencies, and accounting technology.  It recently published a special section about influential women in payments (gated).


British fintech marketing managers should check out 11:FS. The consultancy provides advisory services, consumer and market research, industry benchmarking, and a well-respected content hub. 

The consultancy’s content covers a wide array of topics, such as onboarding, SMB financial services, and content marketing. Their content hub is divided into categories called learn, plan, and act — a clever way of separating content for different stages of the customer journey.


Finextra publishes thought leadership written by fintech executives and analysts. Finextra also runs events and it publishes research studies that provide in-depth information about financial services.

Suggest More Blogs for Fintech Marketing Managers

Being a fintech marketing manager can be fun some days, frantic the next. It helps to know where to look for useful information and who to rely on to give it to you. We hope you find the blogs above useful to your work. Drop us a line if you’d like to suggest blogs to add to this list too, we’d like it to be a growing resource

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