B2B Crypto Copywriting Tips For Responsible Brands

Copywriting for growing B2B crypto companies will soon be in much higher demand, as the finance and technology sectors develop wider uses for cryptocurrency. According to CB Insights research, cryptocurrency applications are emerging across banking and payments, digital art, gamification, and cyber security. 

How does Crypto Copywriting Differ from Fintech Copywriting?

All copywriting has the same task: sales. For emerging B2B crypto companies, strong copywriting balances persuasive messaging with technical and sometimes hard-to-grasp topics. Reliable crypto copywriters know this and they craft copy in a way that makes it easy for readers to understand and engage with.

B2B Crypto Copywriting Tips

Given the still-widespread uncertainty and mistrust that surrounds crypto, copywriters have a significant responsibility to share reliable information about this emerging sector. Here are some tips for effective B2B crypto copywriting.

  1. Explain Crypto Jargon

    Using too much jargon is bound to steer you away from being persuasive. In fact, it’s more likely to be considered confusing than helpful and attention-grabbing. The topic you’re writing about may be difficult to many, but that doesn’t mean your copy has to be. While jargon should not be the focus of crypto copy when you do use it, be sure to clearly explain terms to cement the company’s expertise. 
  1. Focus on Readability 

    Throwing chunks of information and long-winded sentences at readers is the fastest way to lose their attention. While we’re in the business of text as copywriters, copy shouldn’t necessarily be text-heavy.  To improve readability, emphasize key phrases that you’d like to draw attention to by bolding or italicizing them. Another surefire way of keeping a reader engaged is to break up the text with illustrative visual content. 
  1. Show the Benefits

    Many crypto companies have deserved reputational issues. They emphasize themselves as opposed to the customer or reader when writing copy. 

    Switch it up and craft your copy to explain how the audience benefits from crypto products. It doesn’t matter if your brand connects DeFi products to central finance systems, provides a streamlined method of investing in crypto, or helps banks comply with crypto regulations. You need to show how your crypto services benefit potential buyers. 

    Remember, there is skepticism about cryptocurrency. Copywriters can help address this doubt and give readers the information they need to determine whether your products or services are trustworthy.
  1. Think beyond SEO

    Love it or hate it, SEO is table stakes when it comes to copywriting today. While SEO works like magic to attract site visitors, it’s the quality of your copy that will help with conversions.  It’s important to prioritize people over search engines. This tip is especially necessary when writing crypto copy because many people are still alienated from the crypto industry and the opportunities that lie within it. Write relatable copy that feels like familiarity rather than a whole new world that they may feel excluded from. 

3 Examples of Effective B2B Crypto Copywriting

Here are some examples that demonstrate effective crypto copy that appeals to customers. Let’s take a look at what makes these particular excerpts of copy so impressive.

  1. Coinbase’s conversational tone

Coinbase is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency marketplaces that allow users to buy and sell crypto and earn rewards. With an emphasis on convenience and ease of use for customers, Coinbase has become a stalwart in the industry because of its simplified approach.

We’ve spotted a couple of things that Coinbase has done right with the copy on its website Home page. For starters, the copy has a laidback and somewhat friendly tone. The tone used here is ideal for beginners who are dipping their toes into cryptocurrency and aren’t fully in the know. 

From just this snippet of copy above, readers are already made aware that Coinbase values simplicity and security: two things that are necessary for all favorable cryptocurrency experiences. They’ve also maintained the focus of the copy on the reader by stating at the outset how customers will benefit from making use of its services. The use of a numbered list is an effective tool because it conveys to the reader that joining Coinbase is as simple as a few easy steps.

In the next image of the “Coinbase Wallet” page, we see that there is once again an emphasis on making the process of buying, selling and storing crypto simple. By carrying this message through the rest of its website, Coinbase is solidifying its main message of simplicity to readers. 

  1. Ledger Academy’s relatable educational content

Created by cryptocurrency wallet firm Ledger, Ledger Academy is home to trusted resources for everything you need to know about digital assets and how to protect them. Ledger Academy’s copy takes a conversational tone, which is rare in B2B cryptocurrency and blockchain companies.

The great thing about Ledger Academy is that it communicates complex information in layman’s terms. This solidifies its presence as relatable and proves that you don’t need to adopt a strictly formal tone to explain the workings and impact of blockchain. 

Take a look at the screenshot above. They haven’t used words you need a dictionary to understand, nor have they used long, drawn-out sentences. They’ve basically described blockchain as a home for crypto, which really puts things into perspective and lays a basic foundation upon which we can gather further understanding.  

Ledger Academy also uses a conversational tone to make the subjects a little less intimidating. By using phrases like “Rocket science not required” and “sleep like a baby at night”, readers are reassured that a topic that’s usually spoken about using hard-to-understand jargon can be learned by anyone.

  1. Chainalysis’s use of social proof

Chainalysis is a provider of blockchain transaction analysis software, which is used by the likes of cryptocurrency exchanges, international law enforcement agencies, and cybersecurity firms.

The company’s website makes some interesting uses of copy and design. The difference in font size is strategic here because the phrase “Building trust in blockchains” is what a reader will see first, therefore, leading them to associate the brand with reliability and trustworthiness. 

Trust is again emphasized in the copy with the use of ‘transparency’, and this claim  is backed up by a testimonial complimenting its anti-money laundering (AML) capabilities.

Crypto Copywriting Made Simple

Once you commit to simplifying the subject matter, you’ll soon realize it’s not impossible to craft exceptional crypto copy. The next time you’re tasked with some crypto copywriting, remember to follow these tips to write copy that piques interest, persuades prospects and builds brands. 

<span style="color:#000; font-size:16px;">Written by</span><br> Luke O'Neill
Written by
Luke O'Neill

Luke O’Neill is Genuine's founder. He is a writer and content strategist, who spends his days advising B2B fintech and financial services businesses. Luke's writing has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and The Irish Times.


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