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Getting Hired in Fintech Marketing

The fintech industry is booming. And the demand for fintech marketers from well-funded companies is high, resulting in intense competition for fintech marketing jobs.

So how do you stand out to land your next fintech marketing job? 

We talked to fintech marketing managers, startup founders, and executives to find out what it’ll take to land your next fintech marketing jobs.

1. Prove Your Fintech Marketing Results

“Most candidates don’t examine the real-world results they’ve had,” said Tim Lucas, VP of Digital Strategy at real estate portal

“They’ve sent this email or created this newsletter, but when asked what the business result was, they don’t know. How much revenue did that email drive? How many new customers were gained with that newsletter? Most marketers don’t know the answer to those questions.”

Those who do have an edge on others, suggests Lucas. “Come show me your article appears in the top three results of an organic Google search for an ultra-competitive keyword,” Lucas said. “Or an equivalent achievement in another marketing channel.”

2. Share Your Fintech Marketing Ideas

This is what Youssef Darwich, founder of investment app Hapi, wants to see.

“Research the company’s customers and customer efforts and come with a new idea or insight that you think will help them,” he said. “As founders we interview a lot of people and can easily tell between someone who’s interviewing for 10 different roles at different companies and someone who really wants to join your business.”

Darwich also values candidates who understand the different stages of fintech growth, whether that’s pre-seed product development and fund-raising, or Series D and E market expansion. The marketing needs can be wildly different at these company milestones.

“I’d be looking for someone who has worked at a similar stage business and helped the company scale by successfully testing different marketing channels to find the right ones. It’s harder to pinpoint these people as they’re very hard to search by role title,” Darwich said.

3. Talk Up Your Marketing Specialties

Sue Hirst, Director of CFO On-Call looks for versatile candidates, with more than one marketing speciality. “It isn’t easy to find great marketers because so many different attributes are needed to do well in this position. The person must be innovative, flexible, creative, and willing to learn new skills for the company,” said Hirst.

“If I could make an extra marketing hire today, that person would be a versatile Marketing Manager with experience in customer relationship management, design thinking, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, and SEO and SEM,” she said.

It’s versatile candidates like these, believes Hirst, that can take creative ideas from all business areas and convert them into powerful campaigns.

But Don’t Forget the Basics 

SMB Compass content marketing manager Ezra Cabrera sees a common candidate mistake: the improper use of cover letters. 

“Cover letters are important because they show intent. It demonstrates the candidate researched the company and how they think their expertise and experience match the role. There are things you can highlight or explain better in a cover letter that sometimes the resume won’t do justice for,” she said.

Here are some other common mistakes to avoid:

  • Not researching the specific fintech before applying. Interviewers can quickly tell when you’re taking your chances with multiple companies.
  • Not showing your impact for past employers. Any candidate can brag about a website landing page — but did it really lift conversions for the business?
  • Not mentioning your core skills. Fintech marketers need to be familiar with demand generation, content marketing, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, SEO/SEM, and email marketing. 

Good luck

We hope these quick tips help you land your dream job in fintech marketing.

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